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A tour of architectural gems reimagined for today.

In the Fall of 2022, the Blackstone Neighborhood Association (BNA) opened its doors revealing the architecture, history, and stories of its early 19th century properties to the public. More than 1500 people attended, enjoying the tour and the special events surrounding the experience. Sponsors and volunteers generously gave of their time and money to underwrite the costs. Together $50,000 was raised to help locally landmark properties in the neighborhood protecting them from major alteration or demolition. Together BNA will work to keep Blackstone’s historic character alive for decades to come. 

Below is access to the 36-page booklet highlighting the history of the tour properties and the neighborhood along with videos sharing Blackstone stories from those who lived it and behind the scenes accounts from the architect and developer who made the restoration of the former Blackstone Hotel happen. Enjoy! 

Preservation Project

With exciting developments coming to our neighborhood, we can certainly expect change. Whether it is new buildings, a Streetcar, new residences, our sleepy part of town is fast becoming a hot spot.

And with that change, our Neighborhood Association must grow to meet the demand of our new neighbors.

Tour Sites

Brandeis / Millard Residence

500 S. 38th Street

Built 1904

Charles D. McLaughlin

507 S. 38th Street

Built 1905

Williams/Bostwick Residence

3722 Dewey Avenue

Built 1892 / Modified 1915

Charles E. Metz Residence

3708 Dewey Avenue

Built 1915

First Central Congregational Church

421 S. 36th Street

Built in 1922

Gottlieb Storz Residence

3708 Farnam Street

Built 1905

Dundee Bank

38th & Farnam Streets

Built 1930

Blackstone Plaza

3555 Farnam Street

Built in 1961

Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel

302 S. 36th Street

Built 1916

Tour Booklet

Pictures and details from the nine historic Blackstone properties, plus neighborhood history, highlights and other places of interest.

Historic Blackstone Revealed Videos

Memories of Omaha’s Gold Coast

Mary Creighton McDermott Maxwell shares her memories of The Blackstone Hotel, the Farnam Street Commercial District and the people who called Omaha’s Gold Coast home in the 1940s in this entertaining 20-minute talk in September 2022.  

The Schimmel Family and the Invention of the Reuben Sandwich 

In this October 2022 presentation, Mary Schimmel Bernstein shares memories of the Blackstone Hotel and her family who managed it from 1920 to 1968. Plus, she gives the definitive account of how the Reuben sandwich was invented at the Blackstone Hotel by her father, Bernard.


Using Historic Tax Credits to Restore the Former Blackstone Hotel 

Tom McLeay, owner and developer of the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel, shares the story of restoring the former Blackstone Hotel, one of the last grand, historic hotels in Omaha. He explains why they did it, how they used historic tax credits and their commitment to making it a unique property. 


The Blackstone Hotel Restoration Story 

In this 18-minute presentation in 2022, Leo A Daly architects Dave Hawes and Martin Janousek share the research, discoveries, and challenges of restoring the historic Blackstone Hotel into the grand Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel we know today.

Tour Support Provided By

Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel

City of Omaha Mayor’s Grant

Steve Martin & Amy Haddad

Maser Family Foundation

University of Nebraska Medical Center 

Physicians Mutual

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance

Blackstone Business Improvement District

Dundee Bank

GreenSlate Development

John Fox Design

Lund Corporation

Mutual of Omaha

Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation

Noddle Homes

Security National Bank

Tim Reeder/Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Suzanne & Rudy Kotula 


Property Owners

The Stuberg Family

The Maser Family

The Banse Family

The Farho Family

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity

First Central Congregational Church

Dundee Bank

The Lund Company

Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel 

Historic Blackstone Revealed Steering Committee

Mark Maser, Co-Chair

Kristine Gerber, Co-Chair

Barb Farho, Sponsorships

Kate Grabill, Events

Nicole Malone, Logistics

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Curt Snodgrass, Treasurer

Blackstone Neighborhood Association

Executive Committee

Mark Maser, President 

Ron Banse, Vice President

Catharine Fogarty, Midtown Neighborhood Alliance Representative

Jim Farho, President Elect/BBID Representative

Scott Jones, Secretary 

Curt Snodgrass, Treasurer 

Rhonda Stuberg, Membership/Beautification  


Events Committee

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Jennifer Bettger

Fatima Basith 

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Judy Alderman

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Kristine Gerber

Rachel Bythwood

Jared Cloudt

Katie Foster

Teresa Gleason

Hanscom Park Studio

Melissa Obermier

Tim Reeder

Wendy Wiseman

Additional Thank Yous


Mary Maxwell

Mary Schimmel Bernstein

David Hawes, AIA 

Martin Janousek, AIA   

Jay Lund  



Lund Corporation

Midtown Montessori

University of Nebraska Medical Center



Physician’s Mutual  


Volunteer Kickoff

B.G. Peterson Co.

Farnam House Brewing Co.

Nite Owl


Other Contributors

Infusion Brewery Company

Peggy Pavlik, Midtown Neighborhood Alliance

Diana Failla, Midtown Neighborhood Alliance


Tour Brochure Credits

Editor – Kristine Gerber

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Historical Research – Kristine Gerber and Patrick Wyman

Copy Editing – Paul Ledwon

Current Photography – Nathan King, Rachel Bythwood, Tom Kessler and marketing photos from the Blackstone Plaza, Dundee Bank and the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel  

Historical Photographs –From the Bostwick-Frohardt Collection, owned by KM3TV and on permanent loan to The Durham Museum.

Resources – National Register of Historic Places Nominations, The Omaha World-Herald Archives and Property Owner Interviews