Preservation Project


With exciting developments coming to our neighborhood, we can certainly expect change. Whether it is new buildings, a Streetcar, new residences, our sleepy part of town is fast becoming a hot spot.

And with that change, our Neighborhood Association must grow to meet the demand of our new neighbors.

With the money raised through the 2022 Historic Blackstone Revealed tour we are working with neighborhood residents and supporters to identify a priority list of properties that could be in danger of demolition or being significantly altered in the future. Once identified, proceeds from the fundraising tour will pay the professional fees to protect the properties by locally landmarking them. Currently, local landmark status is the only reviewed protection that saves a building from immediate demolition.

You can help us by directly supporting these efforts.

In the Fall of 2022, the Blackstone Neighborhood Association (BNA) opened its doors revealing the architecture, history, and stories of its early 19th century properties to the public. More than 1,500 people attended, enjoying the tour and the special events surrounding the experience. Sponsors and volunteers generously gave of their time and money to underwrite the costs. Together $50,000 was raised to help locally landmark properties in the neighborhood protecting them from major alteration or demolition. Together BNA will work to keep Blackstone’s historic character alive for decades to come. Learn more about Historic Blackstone Revealed »